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Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 General information

The following terms and conditions – and the following alterations made – remain valid for all our services make available online, directly or indirectly (through our supplier), by means of any devices, via e-mail or via phone call. By accessing to our website, by taking a look at it, by using it and/or by using any applications available on any platforms (hereafter referred to as “websites”), and/or by making a reservation, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed the below terms and conditions (privacy policy included).

1.2 Accepting terms and conditions

By using this website, you accept the hereby stated terms and conditions with no exceptions or restrictions. All these Terms are intended as a contract between you and us. If you don’t want to read and accept these Terms, don’t use this website. The access to any parts of this website entail that you are aware of the obligation that these Terms establish.

1.3 Header and legend

The headers used in these Terms and Conditions have the only purpose of dividing the text and have no influence on the meaning or on the background of these Terms and they don’t have a legal significance.

1.4 Literal translation

The original english text of the hereby Terms and Conditions may have been translated in other languages. The translated version is unofficial and it has a merely explicative purpose, so it has no legal validity. In case of contestation, inconsistency or discrepancy between the english text and its translations, the english text will prevail and it will be considered as the definitive version.

2. Protection of the contents

If you do not agree with the rules or with the management strategy used for this website, you can decide to interrupt your subscription to this website at any time and without giving us any explanations. You will only have to send us an email specifying your username and stating in the object: cancellation of the account. Your cancellation will be effective within the following 48 hours.

2.1 Accuracy of the information

All the material published on this website is property of this very website. The total or partial reproduction of the above mentioned material is forbidden without a written consent.

2.2 Technical operation

All the information contained in this website is provided in good faith. All the details on the offered service have been provided directly by the supplying companies, the suppliers or the owners. The information of this website is to be intended as a help and a general guide and its use is entirely at your own risk. We cannot be considered liable in case of incorrect information provided, nor for losses, costs or damages that may result from the use of this website or from a temporary unavailability of the website. 

2.3 Policy

It could happen that, for reasons not related to our will, there are malfunctions of the Server or incompatibility with some browsers. In such cases, we will promptly work in order to reactivate the service or to install additional Plugs and ensure you use the website.

2.4  Cancellation from this website

Our daily presence provides a good security level but, in spite of that, we cannot be considered liable in case of damages due to the web surfing like, for example, an incautious purchase of services or goods of third parties agencies. We reserve the right of suspending or cancelling at any time a user profile if we believe that his behaviour has led to this purchase.

3.  Our responsibilities

Nor the owners of the website or one of its director, employee, member or other representative, is not liable for contingent losses or damages that may come from the use of the information, products and services provided by these websites, including, for example, data, profit or opportunity losses.

3.1 Age limit

You confirm that you have the right age to use this website from a legal point of view, and you are therefore aware of the legally binding obligations that may arise by using this website. You confirm that you are financially responsible for any uses of the web that you or a person with your access data make.

There may be age restrictions for a few of our services but these limitations are always clearly specified prior to the purchase.

4. Privacy and safety

4.1 Information provided

We handle the personal information that you provide us with respect and confidentiality. We use all the sensible precautionary measures in order to keep your information safe. Your personal information will never be given or sold to third parties for marketing or promotional reasons.

4.2 Software safety

As many internet apps, this website and its software are exposed to safety issues and, therefore, must be considered as unsafe. You are aware that by using the website and/or its software, you may be subject to safety problems from which you discharge us.


5.1 Change of the starting date

Is it possible to change your starting date by giving us at least a 3 days notice and by paying an online surcharge of £30 . In any case, it is not possible to change your reservation more than once and the gap between the initial date and the new one should not exceed 5 days .

5.2 Transfer to another person

It is not possible to transfer the booking to another person.

5.3 Change of the departure time

It is possible to change your departure or arrival time with no surcharges. We cannot guarantee you the service if we are not informed promptly of the changes in your itinerary.

5.4 Indefinite suspension of the reservation

It is not possible to suspend your reservation.

5.5 Change of the room type

In case you booked an entire room (double) but one of your friend/colleague can no longer move to London, you will be responsible for the payment of the weekly rent of the entire room. It is however possible to ask for a change of room type by paying an online surcharge of £30 .

5.6 Refund of the booking

The reservation cannot be refunded in any case; the only exception is if we cannot provide you with the service or services purchased. Please be aware that the full refund can only be granted if the reservation has been made via PayPal and no later than 30 days ago; if these conditions are not respected, we will proceed with the refund but we will keep £50 as administration fees.

5.7 Cancellation of the booking or no show

The cancellation regulamentation for this website is 72 hours, unless otherwise specified. This means that you have to cancel your reservation at least 72 hours prior to your arrival date in order to avoid any penalties for no show or late cancellation notice. In case of no show, we can debt you the first week of rent or the cost of the entire tour booked by sending you a request via PayPal.

5.8 Responsibility for credit or debit card transactions

We do our best in order to guarantee you safety transactions with your credit or debit card by using PayPal. PayPal is the biggest company in the world in managing online payments. PayPal protects your credit card information thanks to innovative security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, all your financial information (eg your card data) will never be communicated to us. HOWEVER, if there will be unauthorized charges during or after the transaction on the bank statement of the debit or credit card used on this website, we cannot be held responsible. We cannot moreover be held responsible for contingent damages or losses originating or linked to the use of our website or to the above mentioned transaction.

5.9 Fill in of the confirmation data

After each purchase we always send you an email asking for more information about you. It is important to provide us with these details as soon as possible or at least 5 days before your departure date.

6. Possible changes

6.1 Prices changes

We reserve the right of modifying the prices without notice. The new prices will be immediately active on new reservations, not on those already confirmed.

6.2 Terms and conditions changes

We reserve the right of modifying these terms and conditions without notice. The changes will be notified on the website and the user, after reading them, will have to decide whether to continue or not to use the service. If the user continues to use our service, he accepts our updated terms and conditions.

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